We Bring Ideas to Life!

Our services include everything from identifying the right problem to building matching solutions. We strongly believe that prototypes help to identify and solve problems. Thus, we offer both prototyping as a service and expertise in events to enable you.


We Bring Ideas to Life


What can we do for you?

Prototyping as a service

Our rapid prototyping services streamline product testing and creating new products. We cover the whole hardware-software stack from PCB design over mechatronic development to UX and UI design. This variability in expertise and our great experience ensures that we can envision any idea and push your company forward.


You have a concrete plan for a new digital product or service. What’s next? How do you start development? We can help you out!


You identified a problem space and desperately need a solution? We can assist you with rapid prototyping and finding a corresponding solution!


You have a concrete plan for a new digital or hardware product. Then reach out to us to get a demonstrator or working prototype!


You have a working product that needs new features? Anything that makes it better than now? Then reach out to us, we can help!

Prototyping workshops

Moreover, we offer hands-on prototyping workshops. We teach you the essential skills of innovation and rapid prototyping starting from ideation to prototyping and presenting the perfect pitch. Our workshops are designed to empower you, so you can stay ahead of the competition. Let us know how much time you can dedicate, how many people should participate, and what the focus of the workshop should be.

Problem Definition

You have identified a problem and don't know how to proceed? Or even what that problem exactly means? We show you methods and tools to keep you going.


Coming up with new ideas and being creative is not as simple as one would think in first place. But we show you how it works. Let's do some prototyping!

Business Model

You have developed a great product but don't know what to do next? The Business Model is a great tool to answer all the relevant questions round about your idea.

Perfect Pitch

After having worked on a outstanding idea, product and business plan, it's time to convince others. We show you how the perfect pitch looks like!

About Us

What we do

From identifying the perfect problem to crafting customized solutions, our services cover it all. We strongly believe in the importance of prototypes in problem-solving, as they facilitate the identification and resolution of challenges. That's why we not only offer prototyping as a service but also bring our expertise in events to enable you throughout the process.

How we work

We start small with what’s needed, and provide all the necessary hardware. Based on the wants of our clients and users we then expand quickly, always making sure we are heading in the expected direction. We use cutting edge technology, and work with people who share our goals and values.


We are mintech.

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